Friday, January 1, 2016

15 things from 2015

  1. I graduated from Community College. Shit was buckwild and took forever, but I did it.

  2. Subsequently, I started at big girl university! I completed my first semester at Texas Wesleyan University, and my god, it was awesome.

  3. I started cooking and baking a lot more, and I'm really proud of everything I've made so far.

  4. I've lived with David for a whole year now, and it's been so fun and scary all at once.

  5. I doubled my subscriber count on YouTube this year. It's still small, but honestly I'm proud always.

  6. I've really worked on organization in a way I've always said I would but just didn't.

  7. I played a lot of really rad shows.

  8. I also got to put out music this year! A split with a fellow folk artist by the name Heavy Boots.

  9. Also music related, I got onto a lil label by the name of, Sparkle Motion Records. I'm committed, yall. Check them out:

  10. I found a lot of stressors in my life, and ways to deal with them better.

  11. I realized that I don't deal with lots of things well, but I'm learning new ways to see things everyday and that it's not a bad thing to not be good at dealing with shit. It's life.

  12. Oh, I also found out that I like taking baths, I like onions, and I like socks. All three of which were things I thought I hated.

  13. I figured out that vlogging makes me very happy. I never want to stop.

  14. And I found out that being productive makes me the happiest I can be, which is why school is a good fit for me. (Speaking of which, hi, I changed my major! What's up Psychology!)

  15. Lastly, I've grown within a beautiful, awesome, wonderful relationship. It's been a goddamn year, and about to be two. I wouldn't trade this man for anything else, ever.

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